Easily create and manage your restaurant's QR code menus.

Keep track of your menus, links and contact tracing in one place.
Free 14 day trial. No credit card required.
Reduce wait time for QR scans
Paperless guest registration
Upload PDFs directly on Gourmenu

Gourmenu makes it easy to upload your PDF menus and create a QR code link.

Instead of copying your print-designed menus to your website each time they change, upload the files directly to Gourmenu.

Our mobile experience is designed for speed.

Nothing on the mobile-optimized page your customers see is loaded unless absolutely crucial. Gourmenu-powered QR codes should load in less than 1 second for most users.

Guest tracking (aka contact tracing) is built in.

Don't stress about manually collecting personal data and keeping records. Optionally enable Guest Tracking, which will prompt each QR scan to provide their personal details in case of public health data requests.

Take control of your menus, today

Our unique solution will help your business focus on what it does best. Leave the rest to us.
Join over 3,000 Gourmenu customers.

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