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Keep track of your menus, links and contact tracing in one place.

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Stop menu mayhem today

Managing your menus, QR codes, guest registration and print assets whilst also running a restaurant can be hell.

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Reduce wait time for QR scans

Our mobile pages load fast. Your users will love the experience.

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No more guest registration lists

Ask customers for their info when first scanning a QR menu, if required.

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Link PDF menus directly on Gourmenu

Give users a copy of your print menu instead of linking to your website.

Mobile Menu

Our mobile experience is designed for speed. Nothing on this mobile-optimized page is loaded unless absolutely crucial.

Users can find slow to load pages extremely frustrating. Gourmenu-powered QR codes should load in less than 1 second for most users.

  • Content delivered via global network
  • Extremely fast load time
  • Backup URL for older smartphones
PDF Menu Management

Manage your QR menus in one place, and store your PDF menus easily.

Instead of copying your print-designed menus to your website each time they change, upload the files directly to Gourmenu. The files will be stored globally and load fast for your users.

  • Menu items can be links or PDF files
  • PDFs will load instantly for customers
  • Share your listings on socials, too
Guest/Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is built in.

Don't stress about manually collecting personal data and keeping records. Easily enable Guest Tracking, which will prompt each QR scan to provide their personal details in case of public health data requests.

  • Data stored securely
  • Users can enter table number
  • Automatically deleted after 30 days
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Gourmenu features

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Organize menus by location

Have multiple locations? No problem. Group your listings by location.

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Multiple listings

You can create as many QR listings under a location as you like.

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Upload PDFs

Upload PDFs directly to Gourmenu. Hosted on the cloud for speed.

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You easily share your QR page on your socials, too.

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Upload logo

Add your logo so it appears on the QR menu and print media.

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Track guest vists

Enable contact tracing and forget about recording details on paper.

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Support older smartphones

With a backup URL, guests with older phones can still view the menu.

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Invite your staff

Invite your staff to collaborate on menus. Billing is centrally managed.

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Take control of your menus, today

Our unique solution will help your business focus on what it does best. Leave the rest to us.

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