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Or 1 month free when paying annually ($175.89/year)

A plan that fits most use cases

  • Create menus, either by uploading PDFs or link to website
  • Offers URL backup for older phones
  • Generate signage PDFs for common sizes
  • Unlimited users
  • Guest Tracking/Contact Tracing
  • All future features included

Gourmenu features

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Organize menus by location

Have multiple locations? No problem. Group your listings by location.

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Multiple listings

You can create as many QR listings under a location as you like.

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Upload PDFs

Upload PDFs directly to Gourmenu. Hosted on the cloud for speed.

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You easily share your QR page on your socials, too.

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Upload logo

Add your logo so it appears on the QR menu and print media.

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Track guest vists

Enable contact tracing and forget about recording details on paper.

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Support older smartphones

With a backup URL, guests with older phones can still view the menu.

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Invite your staff

Invite your staff to collaborate on menus. Billing is centrally managed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does the trial work?

When signing up, you will be asked for your Business name. This is the entity that the trial and billing account is linked to. This has a full, 14-day trial of the system without requiring any payment card being added.

During your trial, when logged in, you will see a reminder message that your trial expires in X days. Your users will not see this message, and you are welcome to test out the QR menus with real customers.

Where do users go when they scan the QR code?

When scanning the Gourmenu QR code, users will be directed to a static URL hosted on Gourmenu. This is a mobile-optimized, globally distributed page. The page itself looks familiar to services such as Linktree, but is aimed at restaurants. You can also use the links for your social media, too.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from the Billing section. You do not need to contact us beforehand. Your subscription will run as normal until the end of the period paid.

Does my subscription auto renew?

Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled. You are free to cancel before the renewal date, and encouraged to do so if you no longer wish to use the product.

How does guest tracking/contact tracing work?

When this feature is enabled on a location, users are required to provide their personal information for the purposes of contact tracing. Once provided, they are shown the menu as normal. They will not be asked again for the next hour.

The personal data is automatically destroyed 30 days after it is provided. You are able to access this data in the location section of the app, or via a listing.

Do you offer pricing in my currency?

Unfortunately, we only currently support billing in CAD, USD and GBP. We're hoping to add more currencies in the future.

What payment methods are supported?

We currently only offer secure payments through our payment provider and merchant of record, Paddle. This is on a pre-paid basis only.

What will happen to my QR codes if I cancel?

Once your subscription (or trial) expires, your QR codes will fail to load for users. They will see a generic error message. Your subscription can be re-activated at any time and the codes will resume working.

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